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In Search of the Yello Dello Old Version - 2000

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the-widget said: Will you inform us if any news comes up about the return?

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Quick, someone who has never watched Homestar Runner, explain what’s going on.

Okay, uh

Panel 1: Strongbad(think that’s his name) is doing Gangnam style while trying to look menacing.

Panel 2: Strongbad is commenting on the cloud king’s dietary choices while a yellow thing pokes into the frame. What could it be? Perhaps it is a duck?

Panel 3: Strongbad is confused as to why the doctor had him take off his shirt when he only called the doctor to fix his computer. The yaoi hands tell us exactly where this is going.

Panel 4: Strongbad’s friend is sick/depressed/tired and he is shouting at the friend to get out of bed. The friend, however, does not want to get out of bed and is uncomfortable with Strongbad standing on his belly.

I tried.

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Pryin Brian - Because, It's Midnite/Nite Mamas (Limozeen Covers) [Remastered]

I remastered my first 2 Limozeen covers from back in February. 


Grunkle Stan & Strong Bad finally confess their feelings

I got my friend to animate this Vine!

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hunks and studs.

and memories ):

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