Holy Crap, Homestar Runner!

Happy September 17th! Homestar Runner leg-severing day!

Nine-seventeen, sever your leg please, sir.” -Drive-Thru Whale

Stramstar Hammy



A Jorb Well Done -  2001

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If you’ve got Destiny and are without a clan, now you can join the Homestarmy


Made this using my new tablet not so long ago. 


Remember when it took several minutes for a Flash cartoon to load because your modem took forever?

Uh… thanks to today’s ruling about Net Neutrality, chances are we could be going back to those days. And we won’t even get a cute song to go with it.

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I keep forgetting that Matt Chapman works (well, worked) on Gravity Falls, and I keep noticing little nods here and there to Homestar Runner like 


look at that Homestar mouth! 

 Then I feel dumb because I remember he’s on the GF team. 

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